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My modeling days are over

Before I joined Heathrow escorts I had always dreamed of becoming a model. But, as soon as I started to go for auditions in London with my portfolio, I did realize that it was a very competitive industry. Most of the girls who were on the same circuit also had big dreams, but sadly most of the struggled. In the end, I just could not make ends meet but I did manage to find a job with Heathrow escorts.

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Working for Heathrow escorts was not my dream job, but after a couple of weeks, I did start to enjoy myself. I met some great gents, and to be honest, we had some serious fun together, I am sure that most girls would probably enjoy working for a well organized escorts service such as Heathrow escorts.

Meeting the Man of My Dreams at Heathrow Escorts

After a couple of months with Heathrow escorts, I was beginning to build up my dating diary nicely. At first I had struggled a little bit, but now I was meeting gents from all over the world. Many of them flew into Heathrow for business meetings. However, not all of my dates were businessmen. One guy, Dylan, from Los Angeles was a photographer. He was a really nice guy and always met up with me at Heathrow escorts.

On one of his visits, he asked me if I had ever considered a modeling career. Of course, I had and I told him that it would be my dream job. He said that desperately needed attractive girls like myself in Los Angeles to model for him. At the moment, he had a big bikini assignment coming out and he wanted me to fly out to Los Angeles. Yes, it would mean taking a longer break from Heathrow escorts, but I would not mind.

Heathrow Escorts Model 2
Heathrow Escorts Model 2

Bikini Modeling in Los Angeles

A couple of my girlfriends at Heathrow escorts thought that I was taking a big chance, but I really wanted to try something different. I was not sure that I wanted to get stuck at Heathrow escorts all of my life, and after all, Dylan said that he could help me to make my dream come true. However, deep down I wasn’t sure that leaving Heathrow escorts was the right choice. I had my reservations about both modeling and Dylan.

In the end I cast all of my suspicions to one side and I left Heathrow escorts to pursue a career in modeling in Los Angeles. One blustery April day, I jump on a flight for Los Angeles and I cannot deny that I was really excited.

The Sun Does Not Always Shine in LA

Dylan met me as he had promised at the airport in Los Angeles, and took me to an apartment that I was going to be sharing with three other girls. It was a bit crowded, but I did not mind. The sun was shining, and this girl from Heathrow escorts was on her way to stardom.

The other girls in the apartment also worked for Dylan, and did various modeling assignments for him. Not all of them were bikini models, and one of the girls would not tell me what kind of modeling she did. At first it struck me as a bit weird but I had met so many different character at Heathrow escorts that it did not really bother me at all.

Have I Done the Right Thing? Maybe I Should Have Stayed at Heathrow Escorts

The first couple of shoots with Dylan went great, but I did not seem to wearing that many bikinis. Most of the time I ended up wearing bikini bottoms or even mikrokinis. The photos did not really look like they were promoting a product. One day, after a long shoot, I decided to ask Dylan where the photos would appear. He was a bit cagey about it to say the least, and he said that he sold them on to various publications.

Sexy Heathrow Escorts
Sexy Heathrow Escorts

It made me a bit suspicions, so when I got back home I Skyped my friends at Heathrow escorts, They agreed with me, and thought it sounded a bit strange. A couple of the girls at Heathrow escorts suggested that I speak to the other girls in the flat to find out if they knew anything.

Later on that evening, I sat down for a heart to heart with my roommates, and it was obvious that not everything was right. One of the girls said that she knew that Dylan sold on the photos to adult publications.
Well, I was a bit taken back as I had not really left Heathrow escorts to become an adult model. I was more than annoyed and decided to approach Dylan about it. We ended up having the most horrible row, and I stormed back to my shared flat.

That evening I emailed my boss at Heathrow escorts, and asked if I could come back to Heathrow escorts. After checking my finances, I realized that I had broken even on my little escapade to Los Angeles. A day later I had bought my airline ticket, and packed my bags. I was more than happy to be on my way home to the UK and Heathrow escorts.

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A couple of days later I returned to work at Heathrow escorts. It was nice to see my friends at Heathrow escorts, and I am glad that I managed to get away. Not all girls are that likely, and they end up in all sorts of trouble. Now, a year later, I am still working at Heathrow escorts and I love it. Would I leave Heathrow escorts to go modeling again? There is a simple answer to that question, and that is no.